Tournament Academy May 24th - 27th

Tournament Academy May 24th - 27th

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The Solve For Why Tournament Academy is back for the first time since 2019! Over the course of four days, we’ll study everything you’ll need in order to perform at your peak during the 2023 Vegas tournament season and beyond. Among other things, we’ll focus on the differences between ChipEV and ICM-based preflop strategies, postflop exploits versus common player pool tendencies, and how to adapt to different stack sizes. 

Players will sit down for approximately 13 hours of gameplay over the four days, playing out a simulated tournament structure from beginning to end, with every player getting to experience a final table environment on day four.

Day 1: ChipEV strategies & early levels (100% of field -> 50% of field)

  • Preflop and postflop principles for deeper stacks
  • Exploitative approaches vs common player pool tendencies
  • Navigating multiway scenarios

Day 2: Intro to ICM (50% of field -> 25% of field)

  • Principles of ICM-based preflop approaches
  • Bubble factors and risk premiums
  • Leveraging a bigger stack

Day 3: Bubble & ITM play (25% of field -> final table)

  • Applying pressure on the bubble
  • Adapting to shallow stacks
  • Effects of different payout structures & field sizes

Day 4: Final table

  • Laddering up vs playing for the win
  • Short-handed & heads-up play
  • Deal-making & other final table concerns