Live Advanced
Poker Training Academy

Poker is not your hobby, so you shouldn’t be looking for conventional poker video and training courses. Our advanced poker training academy gives you the framework and tools to move up stakes and dominate the field. Join us for our cash game academy or poker tournament academy to level up your live poker strategy.

There is nothing like this in the market for poker training at the moment. Since I signed up, I’ve had some excellent results which include second in a fairly tough 5k higher-roller for $50,000. I also won the $1650 buyin main event at the Crown Poker championships for $123,000. Then in my very next main event, I won my first ever WPT title taking down the $2200 main event at WPT Auckland for $169,200.

Nauv Kashyap
This Is Not Just Poker Practice

You are a serious poker player looking to take your live poker strategy and poker tournament play to the next level. Solve For Why Advanced Poker Training breaks you free from the infinite micro learning loop and provides live academy learning that helps you move up from mid to high stakes poker.

The Path To Independent Learning
And Improved Poker Strategy

The Solve For Why Path is a proven expert-led live poker strategy framework for serious players looking to take their cash game or poker tournament play to the next level. Enroll in our advanced poker training path including live academies and our train site Solve For Why TV led and curated by high stakes poker pro Matt Berkey and the Solve For Why Team. You will gain elite insights that empower you to outmaneuver your opponents.

Advanced Academy

Three day intensive live poker training, onsite, in Las Vegas.

Solve For Why TV

Founded by high-stakes pro Matt Berkey, Solve For Why TV is a poker training site unlike any other. We will teach you how to think about the game and equip you with all the necessary tools to set you on the path towards poker domination. Start your two week free trial HERE.

Elite Academy

Five day immersion live poker training, for Advanced Poker Training graduates.

S4Y Discord

Engage with our community and sign up for the Solve For Why Discord server today!

How Do I Qualify For The Academy?

Solve For Why is not poker for dummies. Many academies focus on micro-learning modules that keep you in an infinite learning loop. Solve For Why is for you if you want practical philosophy to improve your live poker play with adaptable strategy that enables you to move up stakes and level up your poker tournament play or cash game strategy.

Join Our Discord Community

Building a community is incredibly important to us so we have created a free Discord Channel for all things Solve for Why related. There are also a myriad of private channels which align with our products. So if you have any questions about the game, our products, or simply want to engage with other community members, join today!

When you're a poker player and you're trying to do it professionally, you are your business. In any business you have you need to invest to get better.

Fausto Valdez

The RFID poker table and the commentary was the main driver of why this jumped out at me and why I wanted to have this experience.

Kathryn M.

After the Advanced Poker Training Academy with Matt Berkey, I understand a whole new philosophy on the game.

Mario Diliberto

To talk strategy with [Solve For Why Advanced Poker Training Staff] and you know have them critique play at the table three days in a row... it was great!

Nicholas Ronyecz

Level Up Your Game,
Move Up Stakes, Solve For Why

Solve For Why Advanced Poker Training is for players seeking to level up their cash game strategy and poker tournament play. The Solve For Why framework is a holistic poker strategy of practical and adaptable learning that escapes the infinite micro-learning loop. The Solve For Why Path asks you to go deeper and think beyond conventional wisdom.