Dealer Academy

Our intensive poker dealer academy is a three-day intense, immersive and comprehensive
training program designed to prepare you for a career or side gig in the exciting world of poker.
This Dealer Academy is geared to you, a poker enthusiast, who already possesses basic
foundational knowledge of poker hand rankings, and cash and/or tournament rules.  You don’t
need to know everything to get started- just some basics. 
At Solve For Why, we pride ourselves on providing training that equips our students with the
knowledge, techniques, and professionalism needed to thrive in the fast-paced and competitive
poker industry.
Our curriculum covers all aspects of poker dealing, including:

Rules and Procedures: Master the rules of Texas Hold'em and Omaha, and learn the intricacies
of dealing each game with precision and accuracy.

Shuffling and Dealing Techniques: Master your shuffling techniques and perfect the art of
dealing cards swiftly and smoothly, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for players, and
maximum income for you!

Chip Handling and Payouts: Become proficient in handling chips, managing pots, and executing
payouts with accuracy, efficiency and professionalism.

Customer Service and Table Management: Develop excellent customer service skills and learn
how to manage a poker table effectively, including handling disputes and maintaining a
welcoming atmosphere for players.

Casino Etiquette and Professionalism: Learn the importance of professionalism, integrity, and
discretion in the casino environment, and understand the role of a dealer in upholding the
reputation of the establishment.

Practice Sessions: Put your skills to the test in live practice sessions, where you'll have the
opportunity to deal hands under real casino conditions and receive feedback and assessment
from our instructors.

Job Placement Assistance: Benefit from our extensive network of casino industry contacts and
receive assistance with job placement upon successful completion of the program.
Whether your goal is to become a full-time poker dealer in a bustling casino or simply to gain
valuable skills for a part-time gig, Solve For Why provides the training and support you need to succeed. Join us and take the first step toward a rewarding career in the thrilling world of poker

Academy Dates (Click HERE to register)

March 1st-3rd 8am-5pm

March 5th-7th 8am-5pm

March 11th-13th 2pm-11pm

March 14th-16th 5pm-2am

April 1st-3rd 8am-5pm 


Special Dealer Academy In Atlanta - March 21st-23rd (Click HERE to register)

Day 1: 8am-5pm

Day 2: 8am-5pm

Day3: 9am-3pm


Cost: $1500


Program includes:

  • Three days of Instruction
  • Personalized Feedback & Assessment
  • One (1) Lunch/Q&A Session with Poker Pro, Matt Berkey
  • Job Placement Assistance (with successful program completion)

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